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CURRENT OPENING: Nursery & Kids Ministry Coordinator - Hernando Campus

Job Description – Nursery & Kids Ministry Coordinator (Hernando)

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Each staff member is expected to carry out the mission & vision of Getwell Church as set forth by the Lead Pastor with the support of the Leadership of the Church. Staff members are expected to contribute to a sense of unity, cooperation, participation & shared objectives. Additionally, staff members are expected to model the highest Christian values in both their personal & professional lives. Our focused approach will be that of servant leadership. The primary goal of Getwell Church is to bring people to a vital, growing relationship with Christ as we help them encounter God’s glory, pursue Jesus with others, and engage with the Holy Spirit in God’s mission for the church and the world.

The Nursery & Kids Ministry Director Hernando is a permanent full-time, 30 hours position that reports directly to the Campus Pastor - Hernando. The purpose of the Nursery & Kids Ministry Director Hernando is to provide relevant and age-appropriate learning and connection opportunities for kids, birth to 5th grade, that partner with parents to lay a spiritual foundation in the lives of children.


Primary Responsibilities include:

·        Keeping the vision of Nursery and Kids Ministry in line with that of Getwell Church Hernando and Getwell Church as a whole.

·        Recruiting and training new Servant Leaders for the Nursery and Kids Ministry.

·        Scheduling Servant Leaders for check-in, Nursery, Small Group Leaders for Pre-K and Kids, and last-minute fill-ins.

·        Preparing the Toddler and Kid Small Group lessons

o  Editing and sending out the appropriate lessons.

o  Preparing the activity baskets and/or supplies needed for weekly lessons.

·        Oversees room decorations that support the mission of Getwell Ministries.

·        Providing parent cues for each month’s lessons.

·        Overseeing and Coordinating Vacation Bible School every year.

·        Ministering to the families of Getwell Church Hernando.

Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Getwell Church Internship Program is designed to provide the exposure, experience, and education necessary to build a foundation for your calling. It is an opportunity to join our team, serve in our church, and use your skills. In turn, we develop those skills, develop you as a person, and pour into you spiritually. We want to help you develop your existing gifts while you use those gifts to further the Kingdom. Internships offer a glimpse in the world of ministry as it pertains to a specialized area.


There are many different opportunities for interns to get involved. They vary by season and need, so stay tuned for updates. Some of the areas that internships may be available include Student Ministry, Kids Ministry, Music & Worship, and Tech Arts. 

Internship FAQs 

How do I apply?

If there are current internship opportunities open, you will see links below for more information and the application process.


Are Getwell internships paid?

Specific internships do offer paid opportunities. Please contact us for more information.


Can I receive school credit for school or seminary?

Currently we do not offer credit but are more than willing to partner with your school to help you meet requirements.


Do you offer housing?

If you do not live in the greater Memphis/Northwest MS area, housing may be provided in a host home.


Do I need to have transportation?

Yes. Reliable transportation is a requirement, along with a valid drivers license. There are times church vehicles may be used requiring a driver's license.


Can I have a second job while interning?

We ask that applicants not work an additional job while interning at Getwell. Some internships require late hours and sometimes last minute requests that may conflict with your ability to work a second job. Special consideration may be given with prior notification.


Do you love Jesus and like teenagers? Are you passionate about seeing middle school and high school students coming to know Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of their life? Getwell Student Ministry is dedicated to helping teenagers experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ! Training and coaching will make for a season of ministry experience you will value for your entire career as an intern with GSM. Our goal is to provide you with a transformational learning experience that you'll look back on with fond memories where you learned the basics of ministry, understood a student ministry philosophy and learned how to work effectively with a team. GSM interns will shadow, co-lead, and help run events and programs, as well as actively coach, mentor, and recruit volunteers.

To learn more about GSM, visit This internship requires full-time hours and is available as a summer internship (12 weeks).  Applicants must have completed their freshman year of college and be able to provide transportation for themselves. This internship is paid and housing is provided.

"The moment you meet the students you can tell God is moving. The internship reminded me why I feel called into student ministry. It showed me that there will be difficult times but God will still lead the way." -Alex Gillespie

"Not only will you grow spiritually, you will help disciple students for an entire summer, building relationships that will last a lifetime. Help disciple this younger generation of Christians - you will love the Lord more because of it." - Katie Hogan