Build Community and Connect LIFE-ON-LIFE


LIFE Groups connect you with a small group of others in the church either in your age group or in younger/older generations. This will be the group of people that you "do life" with! LIFE Groups typically meet in homes usually once or twice monthly to deepen relationships and community, discuss Sunday messages or a book study, pray together, talk about life and have fun! Childcare is not available - most groups work out childcare within their group.

In the future, Getwell will continue to offer short-term classes that allow you to choose Biblical or topical studies that fit areas where you want to grow individually - so watch for opportunities to participate.


LIFE Groups are made up of 12 people or less and connect twice a month in person or online to pray, support each other, talk about life, and have a short discussion about Sunday’s message using guided questions if the group wants to dive deeper. These groups can meet at someone’s home or another location. Meet for dinner, hang out at a park, sit on a back porch - it’s up to your group to decide what day/time/location works best. If childcare is a concern, we can offer suggestions on how to navigate that within your group. 

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