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EQUIP: Sundays


January 14 - March 3

8-week targeted classes to EQUIP you for your season of life

LOOKING FOR AN EARLIER OPTION? Check out the 8:15AM Sunday Morning Adult Bible Studies at getwellchurch.org/adults (Kids Ministry and Nursery not available during these classes)


Women’s Study: Follow Me: A Study on the Gospel of Mark

Led by Robin Turner & Kim Ball (FLC 3209)

Join us for a in depth study on the gospel of Mark. The gospel of Mark is an invitation to follow Jesus. It invites us to step forward in faith, even in our weaknesses and doubts, and pursue the One who welcomes us into a relationship with Him. The book of Mark teaches us how following Christ is not a one-time action but a lifelong pursuit. Every day for the believer in Christ is a day to trust and obey the God who gave His life up for us. Books for the class can be purchased at https://bit.ly/3uTuOe6


Men’s Study: Redemptive History: Solomon to Exile

Led by Jeff Edwards (FLC 3105)

Our study of Israel’s primary history continues in this eight-week EQUIP class, as we look at the life of Solomon and the subsequent Northern and Southern kingdoms. Both Israel and Judah were taken into captivity, but this did not end God’s covenant promise to David, the nation, and ultimately all who would come to know the promised King to come – Jesus. Israel’s primary history shows us that no matter how dire things around us appear to be, God’s redemptive plan and purpose will not be stopped.


High School & Young Adult Study: The Book of John

Led by Amberlie Smothers (FLC 3207)

The Book of John is the home of the famous verse of John 3:16 and full of familiar and beloved stories of the life of Jesus. But with so much being so familiar, it can be difficult to approach the Book of John with excitement and expectancy. This class is for high school students and young adults up to age 29 and will entail studying John through a historical, cultural & linguistic context, allowing familiar texts to wow us all again. Through discussion, learning, and times of fellowship, this class will also develop friendships that bridge high school students and young adults through the bond of a love for Jesus and His Story. Scripture journals are encouraged and can be purchased at https://bit.ly/41eAsDH 


 A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World, Part 2

Led by Maria Stafford (FLC 3106)

A Praying Life follows the book of the same title by Paul Miller. During this Equip class we take a deep look at the things that frustrate us about prayer and the struggle we face trying to have a healthy prayer life in such a distraction-filled world. Together, we will work on cleaning the slate and taking our prayer life back to a more innocent time to rebuild trust in order to go deeper in relationship with God. We will explore habits that dull our hearts that hinder our prayer life. We will look at the things that stand in our way from asking for God’s help that seem normal in today's society. This journey aims to help us become more aware of the story God is weaving in our lives and how, through prayer and change, we can learn to better see and understand his will in our lives. We can gain the tools to help us feel him in our hearts like a true friend, as we surrender to his will for our lives. Books are available for purchase at https://bit.ly/3NmeKb2 



Led by Michelle Bordwell (FLC 3208)

This study is based on the book Forgive by Timothy Keller. Join us for an in-depth look at forgiveness throughout both the Old and New Testament. We will explore questions that are essential to our faith: How do we receive God’s forgiveness? How can we forgive others who have hurt us? Can there be forgiveness and justice? Books can be purchased at https://bit.ly/414CWo4


Marriage That Thrives

Led by Jason & Jessica Fleener (FLC 3107)

Marriage takes work to be successful, but the work can be enjoyable! When we allow God to work and rethink our approach to loving one another from God’s point of view, we can have a marriage that does more than survive – it thrives.