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EQUIP: Sundays

Summer 2024 | June 2 – July 28 (no classes July 7)


8-week targeted classes to EQUIP you for your season of life

LOOKING FOR AN EARLIER OPTION? Check out the 8:15AM Sunday Morning Adult Bible Studies at getwellchurch.org/adults (Kids Ministry and Nursery not available during these classes)



Women’s Study: How Do You Know God is Your Father? | Various Teachers – FLC 3209

Join us as we read through First John together to discover what it means to walk in light instead of the darkness. The key to lasting peace, confidence, and joy in the Christian life is knowing for sure who you are and whose you are. Through this study you will see how your lifestyle will reflect the character of the One to whom you belong. Scripture journals will be provided.

Men’s Study: The Prophets Speak | Jeff Edwards – FLC 3105

During this eight-week class we will explore the origin, role, and influence of the office of prophet in the Old Testament. We will discover how God used the prophets within the flow of redemptive history to speak into the lives of his covenant people and the surrounding nations. What is a prophet? How did the office of prophet develop? Why is it important to understand the prophets from historical, literary, and thematic perspectives? What were the prophets’ original messages to their original readers? How do the writers of the New Testament apply the prophets’ words and writings? How does understanding this help us in our interpretation and application to our day? We will explore these questions and more, and survey several OT prophets from different eras in Israel’s history.

The Disciples | Austin Black – FLC 3208

 The lives of the disciples give us incredible insight into a daily, consistent relationship with Jesus… literally. In this class, we will explore the personalities, changes, victories, and failures of some of Jesus’ closest followers. Through this we will see the faithfulness of Jesus even in their great weaknesses, and that faithfulness proves the great love and care He has for each of us on our own journeys.

Chosen and Equipped | Sandra Mansfield & Michelle Bordwell – FLC 3107

Are you a huge fan of the series ‘The Chosen’? Have you wondered what it would be like to wake up, talk to, and walk with Jesus as He went about His day? We invite you to dive into discussion about the eight episodes of season three with us that shows Jesus feeding 5,000 people, going home to Nazareth, healing a suffering woman, raising a girl from the dead, and walking on water. Please note: we will see selected clips together, but class participants would need to watch one ‘Chosen’ episode each week before our discussion the following Sunday.